Imprinted Concrete

What is Imprinted Concrete?

Imprinted Concrete is a method where a pattern is imprinted into a concrete surface using our patented exclusive moulds.

The colour is trowled into the wet surface of the concrete prior to applying the chosen pattern. The area is then sealed to give a durable very strong long lasting surface suitable for driveways and patios.

Why Choose Imprinted Concrete?

1) Low Maintenance.

2) Weed Free.

3) Easy to Clean Surface.

4) A range of colours and patterns.

5) Long Lasting.

6) No Sinking or Spreading.

Textured Patterned Surface Exclusive to Presscrete

Our finish is a textured patterned surface which is exclusive to Presscrete, other imprinted concrete companies have patterns but most are not textured which makes a Presscrete installation look far superior.

Available Patterns and Colours for Imprinted Concrete

There are many patterns and lots of colour combinations to choose from and is a popular alternative to block paving.

Low maintenance imprinted concrete driveways from Presscrete will last a life time. They are the lowest maintenance driveway surface available today.

Some of our Work

yorkstone, sandstone and Tan
random porcelain
Lakeland Cobble, Colour Platinum Grey & Charcoal
Lakeland Cobble
Platinum Grey & Charcoal
Flemish Terracotta
Random Stone
London Cobble
London Cobble Charcoal