Block Paving

Are you in Essex and thinking about getting Block Paving? If so, you should choose Presscrete.

Why Presscrete are the Best Option for Block Paving in Essex.

Block paving driveways by Presscrete paving systems far exceed the standards of many other paving companies in terms of specification and quality of materials used.

All of our driveways are laid upon a concrete base and not just the type 1 MOT or Crushed Concrete aggregate used by many local companies offering very cheap driveways today. We have been using our tried and tested methods for over 20 years with lasting results making our 5 year guarantee worth the paper that it is written on.

The extensive range of paving available today enables us to install a driveway or patio to compliment any style of property from traditional to rustic to modern with a great variety of colours to choose from. Block paving is suitable for all driveways and patio areas. just look at our gallery for some great ideas on type and colour with many different boarder options available.

The Benefits of Choosing Presscrete for your Block Paving Project

1)Optional sealing of paving will greatly reduce weed growth and therefore less maintenance.

2)A diamond blade block cutting machine ensures a dust free and accurate finish

3)Easy to clean sealed surfaces enhance colour and finish.

4)Comprehensive 5 Year guarantee

Some of our Work

Regatta Autumn Gold
Alpha Antique Silver Haze with white imprinted concrete boarder
Alpha Antique Autumn Gold
Alpha Antique Silver Haze
Omega Autumn Gold with Charcoal Border
Regatta Autumn Gold
Block Paving
Regatta Autumn Gold